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Save Money on Your Oklahoma Power Bill!

Save Money on Your Oklahoma Power Bill!

Stop spending so much on your Oklahoma power bill! The electric bill can be a budget-buster when you’re surviving on a low income. Fortunately, your power company can usually help. There are several unknown or little-advertised programs that power companies may offer that can help lower the cost of your power bill.


Most power companies offer a budget billing plan, which averages the annual cost of electricity in a home and bills the customer in 12 even installments. This can help low-income customers maintain a budget and avert payment problems, especially during the more expensive winter months.

Just click the link below to find out what discounts, rebates and other money-saving programs are offered by YOUR local utility company!

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative

You might be able to get help for your Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative bill with a delayed payment arrangement. The company also offers other assistance programs. Since it’s a cooperative, you get so many benefits you might not expect from other companies. Here’s everything we’ve found for the company!

CenterPoint Energy

Centerpoint Energy helps more than 5 million customers in 13 different states. They have complimentary home efficiency products and special state-specific programs to help you stay on top of your bill. Read about it here.


Empire District Electric

Trying to figure out how you’re going to pay your Empire District Electric bill? It doesn’t have to be so hard! We found resources from the company and from organizations that might be able to help you. You could even get help lowering your energy usage right now.  Check it all out right here!

Indian Electric

If you’re an Indian Electric customer, you might be able to get help with your bills. In addition to state-sponsored programs that could help you with your bill, Indian Electric might also be able to provide you with help through their assistance programs. Go here to find out more information on saving on your Indian Electric bill!

Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE)

Struggling to make ends meet while paying your OGE bill? There are options available! You could get financial assistance. Low-income customers, seniors and people on disability may also all be able to take advantage of special programs from OGE. Click here to see what we’ve found for OGE customers.

Oklahoma Natural Gas

If your Oklahoma Natural Gas bill is too high, we found help. There are ways you can lower your bill and get help paying high bills. You can also get help with getting caught up on bills that are out of control! Check out this article to see what we’ve found for Oklahoma Natural Gas customers.

PSO Oklahoma

There are ways you can save on your PSO Oklahoma bill. The company offers budget billing, assistance programs and even rebates for customers. You can save money on your bill while upgrading your home and getting options from the company. Check out what we’ve found here.

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Didn’t see your power company listed?

Leave me a note in the comments below and I’ll research what benefits your utility company offers!

La Tina Kirk

Thursday 27th of July 2023

can you see if Duncan Public Utilities Authority offers any kind of assistance in Duncan OK. They made a huge mistake in December of 2022 on my bill and have kept a running balance which now totals over $1900. I've applied for help with LIHEAP for help but really don't know what or where else to do or go. I only get oil royalty checks totaling about $300 to $350. I also have a mortgage on the home left to me by my mother which we both have in our name. That's $274 with a balance of $4200 left to pay. I had a heart attack back in September of 2021 and have been trying to get disability started due to having coronary artery disease and had to have 5 stents placed in my heart. I'm 61 yr old and took care of my mother who passed in September 2021. I was a full time student but took time to gather myself. Having reached my limit on Pell grants I have been trying to find other ways to finish my 45 hours left. I'm at my wits end. Can you offer any assistance or wisdom to my plight?

Catherine Marucci

Sunday 30th of July 2023

Hi. We'll look into the Duncan Public Utility Authority. Have you already contacted your school's financial aid office? They might be able to suggest something.

Stef Thomas

Thursday 29th of September 2022

Kiamichi Electric (out of Wilburton, OK)

Catherine Marucci

Thursday 29th of September 2022

We'll add it to our list!

Catherine Marucci

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Hi Susan. We'll look into it! It's so unfortunate when they're not understanding.