Get cheap high-speed Internet from Google Fiber!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

If you live in an area with relatively little Internet connectivity, you may be able to get cheap high-speed Internet with Google Fiber. Of course, this deal is only available in areas that already have Google Fiber service.

Google once offered free, slow Internet through its Google Fiber program but that program has ended. Besides, it wasn’t even really free since consumers had to pay a $300 installation fee (billed in $25 monthly payments) for seven years of access to the super-slow 5 Mbps rate.

Instead, the corporate giant now offers cheap high-speed internet access. For just $15, you can receive blazing fast speeds of up to 25 mbps!

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What does the $15 Google Fiber rate include?

For $15, you’ll receive blazing fast speeds of $25 Mbps. This is about double the national average for Internet speed! There is NO installation fee and NO contract, so you can cancel any time.

Who qualifies for cheap Internet service from Google Fiber?

The downside to this service is how limited it is. According to the Kansas City Star, “The company said that service will be available only to neighborhoods identified, using Census and Federal Communications Commission figures, as places where relatively few people have home Internet access.”

This designation is completely up to the company.

The upside to this is that Google does not require the extensive paperwork or intrusive questions asked by other cheap and low cost Internet providers. Phillip Dampier wrote:

Google’s plan avoids the intrusive qualification requirements most phone and cable companies insist on to receive discounted Internet service. Comcast, among others, demands evidence of school-age children enrolled in the federal school lunch program, and forbids participation to current customers who manage to already scrape together enough to pay for broadband service. Google’s plan relies on a potential customer’s location and avoids income tests and paperwork, opening its program to childless couples, young singles, and seniors.


How do I apply?

It appears that Google automatically makes certain homes eligible for this lower rate. Check your eligibility for Fiber service by clicking here!

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