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(Last Updated On: January 21, 2019)

Looking to save money or get free stuff near you? We can help with that!

This entire site is dedicated to helping low income families across the United States save money, get free stuff and basically live better. We are constantly researching exciting new freebies and deals.

Our writing team produces dozens of new articles every week, but sometimes they can be difficult to find. We have done a lot of experimenting with the site layout to make this easier but it can still be tricky if you’re not familiar with our system.

That’s why we’re assembling this post – it’s an easy way to find all the freebies and deals in your area, without having to click around the website. Since we’ll list this in the Trending section of our homepage, hopefully it’ll be a quick and convenient way to connect with the information you’re looking for.

Please be aware that our state archives are organized with the newest posts first. This is done so that our returning readers can find the newest content faster. However, it also means that you may need to click through a few pages before you find our best content.

Just select your state from the alphabetical list below to find the freebies and deals in your area!


You can get free Christmas help throughout the state, asssitance from power companies like Huntsville Utilities and freebies with your Alabama EBT card. We’ve found so many resources for Alabama residents including cheap internet from Mediacom.


Got an EBT card? Get free stuff in Alaska like free museum admission! Want to explore Alaska state parks? You can do it on the cheap! We also found out how to save 50% on an Amazon Prime membership with that EBT card.


You can get free things in Arizona and even save $10 off your Frontier Communications bill! If you’re in Phoenix, you can use your library card to get free movies, 3D printers and more.


Get free stuff like flights for kids and home repair in Arkansas. We figured out how you can get cheap Internet from Cox Communications! We even figured out how you can bowl and skate for free!


Did you know California has over 50 museums you can get into for free? You might also be able to get cheap auto insurance and free summer food for your kids.


Colorado residents can save money on their Xcel Energy bills, get affordable dental care, save on state parks and get free Christmas gifts!


We found free food, home repair grants and programs to help you buy your first home in Connecticut.


Delaware resident? You can learn ways to save money on your Just Energy bill, get discounts just for having food stamps and get a cheap Delaware State Parks pass!


Ever wanted to learn how to play guitar or use a recording studio? We found out how to do it with Florida libraries. We also found birthday freebies and cheap internet from Cox communications in Florida!


Georgia residents can qualify for free food for kids for the summer and visit Georgia state parks on the cheap. Your Georgia food stamp card might even be able to help you get free admission to museums and events!


We found low income home loans and first time home buyer programs in Hawaii. You can also find out how to get cash from your Hawaii food stamps. Did you know Hawaii State Library Cardholders can download music for free and get seeds?


You can save money on your Inland Power Company bill and get free Christmas help in Idaho! We also learned that you can use your food stamp card to qualify for free internet and cheap vet care.


If you’re in Illinois, you can save money on state parks, get help with free home repairs. You might also be able to qualify for home principal reduction and help with bills like your Jo Carroll Energy bill!


Save money on your NIPSCO bill, use your Indianapolis Library card to get free digital media and enjoy Indiana state parks for cheap.


We learned how to check your Iowa food stamp balance and how to successfully sell your car online in Iowa. We also free flights for kids!


Just having a Kansas food stamp card can qualify you for benefits like free internet. We also found out how to save money on power bills like KCP&L!


If you’re in Kentucky, we found resources like how to make money in college and how to save money on your Frankfort Plant Board and other electric bills.


Are you in need of help in Louisiana? We found Christmas help, the best ways to save money on your electric bill and how military families can get into over 2,000 museums for free!


If you need help with your Eastern Maine Electric bill, discounts on Maine state parks or information on freezer meals, we have it.


We found ways to get free Christmas gifts in Baltimore and beyond, restaurants that give a military discount and how to get cash from food stamps. Did you know you can use digital media and a 3D printer for free at Montgomery County libraries?


Need low cost veteinary care? How about ways to save on your Massachusetts electric bill? We found help all around the state!


Michigan resources are here! We found the best ways to get help with low-cost internet and free school supplies. Check out our archives to learn how to save more money and get free stuff.


You can save money on your Minnesota power bills, get free Christmas help and learn how to check your EBT balance. Want to give your kids a free flight experience? We found all of these things and more!


Mississippi has tons of resources! You can get free internet if you go to Clarksdale High School. You can also qualify for other savings and learn how to save money on your Mississippi power bills!


Residents of Missouri can get free help with Christmas gifts, make cash from food stamps and even learn how to get a job with a felony.


Kids in Montana can get free food in the summer. We also found out how to save money at Montana state parks and on your Northwestern Energy bill!


You could get help with your MidAmerican Energy bill, get cash from food stamps (legally) and make money in college. We also found help for your Burt County Power Company bill among other resources!


Residents of Las Vegas can use their library card to download free music! We also found out how you can get into state parks and save tons of money on Christmas gifts and power bills.

New Hampshire

Save money on your New Hampshire power bills, get a free flight for kids and get help using your EBT card. Did you know you could get free farmer’s market product, low-cost Internet and discounted pet care just for having a New Hampshire EBT card?

New Jersey

We found out how to get low-income auto insurance. We also found tons of military discounts in the state and how to get free entrance into New Jersey state parks!

New Mexico

Get free Christmas gifts, free food in the summer and tons of military discounts in New Mexico. Got a New Mexico library card? You can get free movies and music along with free museum passes to use throughout the state!

New York

We figured out how to buy a house with low income in New York! You can also get $10 off your Frontier Communications bill and a lot of other discounts in the state.

North Carolina

You could get access to cheap internet through Mediacom. You may also be able to save money using Altice, Suddenlink and Optimum internet.  North Carolina residents can also qualify for freebies on their birthday.

North Dakota

Experience everything the state has to offer by saving money on North Dakota state parks. You can also get help with your Montana Dakota utilities bill and discounts for military members!


Buy a house in Ohio with low income, get $10 off your Fronteir Communications bill and save on your Ohio Edison bill!


If you’re an Oklahoma resident, we found resources like free food and jobs for felons. Want to give your child a free flight? We found that too!


We found help with free Christmas gifts and free school supplies in Oregon. Did you know you can use your Oregon EBT card to get cash? You can even save money on your Pacific Power bill!


You can save up to $10 on your Frontier Communications bill, get low-cost vet care in Sunbury and get free Christmas gifts in PA!

Rhode Island

If you’re a resident of Rhode Island, you might be able to get help with $5 per month internet and other free things. We found resources for you!

South Carolina

Save money on South Carolina state parks. We found resources to get free things in SC with your EBT card. You might even be able to get a job in South Carolina with a felony!

South Dakota

You can save money on your MidAmerican Energy bill, get discounts on South Dakota state parks and save money on your utility bills. Did you know you could even get discounted internet with an EBT card?


You could get free digital media with your Tennessee library card and free help with internet if you have an EBT card. We also found tons of free museums in Nashville and Memphis.


Need help with internet, school supplies or Christmas gifts? We also found free museums you can visit when you’re in Houston and Dallas!


We found resources for Utah residents. If you’re in Utah, you can get help with low cost internet, school supplies and Christmas gifts.


You can get free flights for kids, cheap home repair and free things with your EBT card in Vermont.


Check our Virginia resources out! We found help for Internet for just $5 per month, free school supplies, vet care, Christmas gifts and more.


Are you in Washington? You can visit the Museum of flight and MoPop on the cheap! We also found ways to visit other free museums and get discounts just for having an EBT card.

Washington DC

Residents of Washington DC can get help with free things. Got an EBT card? Get into museums and events for free.

West Virginia

Use your West Virginia EBT card to get seeds for a garden and free admission to museums. You can also get help with Dominion Energy in West Virginia among many other free things!


You can get free Christmas gifts in Sheboygan! Wisconsin residents may also be able to get help with their WPL bills!


We found resources for Wyoming residents. You can make money going to college, get help with your Rocky Mountain Power bill and even qualify for other programs just for having food stamps!

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